Urs Tremp, Senior Consultant at ATEFOS since March 2014, becomes a shareholder and Managing Partner of ATEFOS. Such, we have implemented the intended, longterm partnership with three owners.

Urs Tremp has sound experience from different managing positions in industry. He has a Federal diploma in Sales Management and proven tracks records as Head of Sales, Sales Manager and Head of Technical Support, both in national and international business. His activities have been in machinery, electronic and food industry for more than 30 years.

Recruiting for 10 international sales positions with different profiles has been completed for a Swiss company and its sales and service organizations in UK, Germany and Austria. According to the size of this mandate, several ATEFOS Consultants have worked as a team and managed to successfully complete all recruitments within 6 months.

Our new homepage reflects our self-understanding: it is unambiguous, structured, clear, personal and summarizes, what we are doing and what we are standing for. It shows a team of experienced industrial managers, which deploy all their experience to recruiting. Our company site Solothurn is shown, as we daily see it from our office.