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Welcome to ATEFOS

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What we do

ATEFOS has been recruiting for 33 years with passion. We are active in the full range of high-qualification positions from experts to C-level managers.

Our focus is in industry, covering a broad spectrum of industry segments.

Active research and direct approach of potential candidates are a core element of all our mandates and a prominent success factor, both concerning specialists and management positions.

Enlarged mandates include whole succession solutions for SME.

We do support companies in active outplacements, both concerning individuals and communities.

Who we are

Our track record includes longterm management positions  in international industrial companies. Decades of personal business, management and recruiting experience and of growing our network of relationship are the basis of our success.

What we stand for

We stand for integrity, confidentiality, fairness and respect. 

Our business relations are dedicated and sustainable. Total quality is our conviction and incentive.

We represent the entrepreneurial and industrial practice. Human and technical competence in selection are our trademarks. We advise on the basis of our own experience and the best of our knowledge and belief.

We consider ourselves to be bridge builders, joining challenges and humans, personalities and enterprises, employers and employees.

Get in touch with us!
We highly appreciate you contacting us as a qualified candidate, apart from our current mandates, Do not hesitate to submit your curriculum as a basis for an interview meeting with us. This will ensure your options within future mandates of ATEFOS.

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CH-4500 Solothurn

Tel. +41 31 385 35 35
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