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We count some 150 companies as reference customers, having had a collaboration in the last 10 years. For more than 50 of them, we have been active in multiple collaborations. Considering our key accounts, we are on a level of at least 8 mandates in this time frame. Looking at our top accounts,  we have reached around 20 sucessful recruitments each.

Triple Search

Triple Search includes conventional publishing, active approach to already positively interviewed matches of our candidate pool and direct acquisition of new potential candidates by search identification. Triple Search has proven to be extremely successful, as conventional publication leads to only 1/3 of successfully closed mandates. 2/3 of closings are the result of direct headhunting, be it among known candidates of our pool or among new identification of potential matches. Following the Triple Search method, we are able to generate a good  shortlist selection by just one publication loop. For the last years, direct headhunting approach was the main success factor and is expected to be even of increasing importance in future.


Following our philosophy, we are successful in a wide range of managing and expert functions. Our spectrum of mandates consists of around 20 % C-level positions, 40 % managing roles and 40 % expert functions. Concerning C-level and management positions, we have had multiple mandates in all functional areas. With respect to experts, engineer positions in sales, sales support, product management, engineering, production and logistics are of disproportionate importance. The same applies for specialist in technical writing and intellectual property.

Completion Rate

In our mandates, we have achieved an extraordinary completion rate of around 95 % for the last 10 years. This reflects all our knowledge and experience we can deploy in recruiting and expresses as well our dedicated persistence in problem solving and search.


Even without specific statistical analysis, we recognize a clear sustainability of our placements. This applies on one hand side to the position required, but also to frequent further career steps in the same enterprise.


There are some 20 companies, where we have been active in finding ownership successors and have achieved corresponding solutions. They include as well increasing step-by-step participations and direct full change of ownership.

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